XR Lateral innovates and develops downhole drilling technologies with the primary purpose of assisting E&P Companies to better drill directional and horizontal wells with emphasis on shale plays.


The company focuses on drilling efficiency and placement accuracy in the build and lateral sections of horizontal wells by introducing new technologies into the steerable motor BHA. Our inventions reduce drilling cost, extend lateral reach, and provide wellbore quality that enhances hydrocarbon production.

Our core technology provides predictable, as planned build rates using unprecedented low bend angle BHAs. This technology sets up to provide smoother transitions, better tool-face control, more efficient use of power, and improved hole cleaning, resulting in higher ROP, longer tool life, and smoother wellbores.

XR Lateral is actively developing drilling solutions with three patent pending innovations: 

· Compound Geometric Guidance (CGG)

· Dynamic Lateral Pad (DLP) 

· Laterally Oriented Cutting Structure (LOCS).

CGG Technology

Our CGG Technology is currently field testing in the Permian Basin 

Model of our patent pending CGG directional technology 

2.12° Bend Machining Illustrates destructive BHA Behavior

Creating quality cost effective wellbores with low NPT that don’t negatively affect the production capability and/or increase completion and production lifting costs are a major challenge for Shale Operators. XR Lateral studied this issue coming to understand drilling dysfunction caused by high bend angle mud motors is the major contributor to poor wellbore quality.  This knowledge drove our innovation path leading to technologies that reduce the bend angle by as much as 50% over industry norms.