About Us

Disruptive, Adaptive Innovations


Beginning with a fundamental belief that within the Oil & Gas industry key disciplines often remained in “developmental silos”, the XR Companies integrated team has taken down the walls and are delivering solutions as a result of the combination, adaptation and use of multiple technologies to meet the challenges of drilling in the US and around the World. 

The XR Team is made-up of recognized subject matter experts who were selected for their disciplines which include:


  • Directional Drilling
  • Drilling Optimization 
  • Mud Motor Design, Manufacture, and Application 
  • Applied Drilling Engineering
  • Diamond and Hard Materials
  • Materials Science
  • CAD, CAM and CAE Modeling
  • Mechanical and Design Engineering
  • Fixed Cutter Drill Bit Design, Manufacture, and Application
  • Rock Mechanics
  • New Product Development and Commercialization
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Intellectual Property Development and Protection
  • Entrepreneurship  

Our early efforts have produced a portfolio of innovations that form the basis of our current businesses. As our technologies evolved, we structured into three focused operating companies with shared resources and learning, to better organize and develop our technologies. These three companies are: XR Lateral, XR Dynamics, and XR Reserve.



Our History

The XR Companies started with the premise that there existed opportunities to improve lateral drilling efficiencies. 

We questioned why steerable mud motors continue as a predominant technology in the market, despite remaining essentially unchanged for 30 years. With this thought, three industry colleagues embarked on a series of conversations to explore if a step-change in directional drilling technology was possible by focusing on an examination of the entire drilling system. The goal was to determine the current state-of-the-art and only move forward if there were identified gaps and technology opportunities that could bring definable value to the industry. 

Early exploration of the current applied technology fundamentally focused on gaps that existed because of a “silo-blinded” industry where there was often no exchange of data between business units. Realizing quickly that improvement opportunities were within reach, our team began developing intellectual property protected innovations. 

Following on a three year funding commitment from an invaluable partner, our original LLC, Extreme Rock Destruction, began adding team members with the skills, experience, and disciplines needed to develop our core technologies. Over time our team has innovated several new technologies resulting in a portfolio of patent pending industry solutions. With growth, Extreme Rock Destruction evolved into the XR Companies. oil and gas